Risk Characterization

At Cytec, we believe that good safety, health and environmental management practices are critical in meeting Cytec's Corporate Values. Knowing that an integral part of managing our products involves product risk characterization and management, we conduct systematic and rigorous evaluations of our chemical products to ensure that they deliver their intended benefits while protecting public health and the environment.

Our approach to product risk characterization and management is supported by our commitment to the Cytec SHE Management System. By adhering to these principles we strive to design safe, energy-efficient and environmentally sound products and processes that protect our employees from workplace injuries and illnesses, safeguard the communities adjacent to our facilities and preserve the natural environment for all of us and for future generations.

The Risk Characterization and Management Process, applied to all of our chemical products sold into commerce or used within our facilities, consists of the following steps:

  • Product Identification
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Risk Characterization
  • Risk Management Implementation
  • Product Evaluation and Reevaluation

Cytec gathers available information on the chemical structure of the product, its physico-chemical properties, ecological fate and effects, and toxicological properties. Using this information we screen for potential risks by comparing exposure levels protective of human health and the environment with anticipated exposure levels from product use. We have joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Sustainable Futures Program to use EPA approved screening tools for this purpose. In addition, we use our own screening models to compare structural relationships and to assess risk. We develop exposure information through understanding use patterns – location of use, product form and concentration, frequency of use and duration of use. We conduct a more detailed analysis if the comparison indicates a level of concern for product use, including more specific analyses of hazard potential, exposure potential, or both.

This process helps us identify and analyze the various applications for our products in order to understand the highest potential exposures associated with their use during production, transport, application and eventual disposal. We analyze information related to raw materials, product development, distribution and end uses of our products and all by-products associated with our new products. A similar analysis is conducted on a risk-based basis for all existing products.

Cytec communicates the product risk characterization findings and any associated risk management information to our stakeholders. If high hazard potential exists for a product, we provide users with educational tools – including product-specific brochures and training workshops – to help them understand how to safely use the product. We also assess user practices to ensure risk management actions are implemented. Product safety summaries (PSS) for our high priority products can be found under Related Links.

The Risk Characterization and Management Process associated with our products enables us to make health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of developing, manufacturing, handling and using chemical products.