MTM48 S2-Glass®

Manufacturers supplying equipment to defense industry are focused on the development and application of materials that offer improved protection to personnel operating on the frontline. This includes the design and engineering of structural components for lighter, agile armored vehicles.

Cytec's MTM48 S2-Glass® (flame-retarded epoxy resin pregreg system with S2-Glass® unidirectional reinforcement) has opened up the vehicle armor market to lightweight, non-metallic solutions and is used for protective pods on military vehicles.

Reasons for choosing MTM48 S2-Glass flame-retarded epoxy prepreg:

  • Lightweight: Enables the manufacture of lighter, agile and faster armored vehicles
  • Fire performance: Fire, smoke and toxicity characteristics meet the requirements of UL94 and self-extinguishing to FAR25.853, making MTM48 S2-Glass ideal for internal ballistic armor applications
  • Environmental resistance: Ideal for external ballistic armor applications
  • Flexible application: This 120°C (248°F) curing, toughened, component and structural resin system is specially formulated for the manufacture of honeycomb sandwich constructions

Cytec's experienced applied technologies engineers and technical sales team are available to assist you with technical queries regarding product selection and application. Additional information about MTM48 is available in our Selector Guide or Contact Us.