DForm®Fabric Tooling Prepreg

DForm® Fabric Tooling prepreg reduces lay-up time by 75% thanks to the advanced material conformability and the multi-ply tile format, saving significant lay-up and debulking time. DForm® Fabric Tooling prepreg dramatic impact on time of fabrication makes the overall tool manufacture much more cost efficient yet retaining the high quality surface finish that customers expect from composite tooling.

No other prepreg tooling solution can claim the same speed and ease in deposition. Our proven resin technology combined with this innovative composite tooling format brings success to commercial applications.

Reasons for choosing DForm® Fabric Tooling prepreg

  • Reduced labor content
  • Faster revenue generation
  • Better utilization of existing assets
  • Increase output with no increase in labor force
  • Consistent thickness - no build up in female corners
  • Reduction in consumable purchases
  • Outstanding surface finish
  • No difference in machinability

DForm® Fabric Tooling prepreg properties:                                         

  • Resin: BMI
  • Format: Multi-ply tiles format 
  • Fabrication: Multiple tile joints configuration tested and acceptable
  • Drapability: Readily conforms to complex geometries under pressure, no need for detailed laminating
  • Quality: DForm® is able to replicate precise details, retain thickness and fibre orientation
  • Durability: Equivalent cycle count as traditional BMI tooling

Visit www.cytec.com/dform for more information or email DForm@cytec.com to enquire.