High-accuracy tooling solutions are required for high-performance end applications to ensure that components are manufactured with improved repeatability and tight tolerances in a cost-effective manner.  

Cytec CB1100 is a unique high-grade ceramic block material of low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) (when compared with traditional tooling blocks) that can be used as a high accuracy master model or as direct tooling for low volume or prototype production.

Reasons for choosing CB1100 ceramic tooling block

  • Low CTE: Closely matches the CTE of carbon prepregs and, therefore, eliminates distortion during processing
  • Time and costs savings:  Possible to go straight to a semi-finish, with no need for a roughing cut.
  • High temperature capability: Enables curing at much higher temperature than traditional epoxy tooling block
  • Compatible ancillaries: Custom-formulated, fully compatible adhesive, ceramic micro-sealer and surface primer products available

Cytec's experienced applied technologies engineers and technical sales team are available to assist you with technical queries regarding product selection and application. Additional information about CB1100 is available in out Selector Guide or Contact Us.