Welded / Reusable Vacuum Bags

All market sectors are striving to reduce costs, and are focusing on manufacturing processes, production time and material usage to achieve this.

Cytec's Welded Vacuum Bags (WVBs) and Reusable Vacuum Bags (RVBs) simplify the production of complex shapes, and deliver benefits that speed up the manufacturing process. They are the result of our long-standing, hands-on relationships with global OEMs in numerous industrial markets.

Reasons for choosing WVBs and RVBs:

  • Manufacturing efficiencies: Increase productivity, reduce waste and lower manufacturing costs
  • Environmentally friendly: Proven history of effective use of up to 100 cycles
  • Conformable: Designed and manufactured to conform to predefined part profiles
  • Adaptable and cost-effective: Changes to part profile can be readily accommodated by modifying the bag, eliminating the need to design and manufacture a new bag

Cytec's experienced applied technologies engineers and technical sales team are available to assist you with technical queries regarding product selection and application. Please contact us for more information about our WVBs and RVBs.