All market sectors are striving to reduce costs, and are focusing on manufacturing processes, production time and material usage to achieve this.

Cytec's VMS2 is a revolutionary resin infusion processing vacuum barrier line that opens up new possibilities in composite structures by allowing the creation of more complex designs.

Reasons for choosing VMS2:

  • Effective: Reduces the risk of dry spots or incomplete wet out by drawing air and volatiles from the laminate (without drawing resin into the vacuum line) and reduces the potential for part rework
  • Simplifies systems: Reduces system complexity by reducing the number of vacuum connectors
  • Cost-effective: Reduces resin consumption due to the lack of out-feed system, ¬†eliminates resin waste and optimizes process control and part quality

Cytec's experienced applied technologies engineers and technical sales team are available to assist you with technical queries regarding product selection and application. Additional information about VMS2 is available in our Selector Guide or Contact Us.