CYTOP® 340

Cytec is the global leader for the manufacture of organophosphine derivatives based on PH3 technology. Cytec's pioneering research in phosphine chemistry has been put into practice with over 40 years of manufacturing experience of phosphine gas and derivatives thereof. Cytec manufactures industrial scale volumes of primary, secondary, and tertiary alkylphosphines, phosphinates, phosphine oxides and an extensive range of phosphonium salts. Cytec's alkylphosphine derivatives are marketed under the CYTOP trade name. These include primary (RPH2), secondary (R2PH) and tertiary (R3P) alkylphosphines where R can be a linear, branched, cyclic, or functionalized alkyl group. These products have found widespread application as catalyst ligands, intermediates, chemical reagents and as processing aides in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical markets. 

CYTOP 340, tributylphosphine, is one such alkylphosphine derivative which finds utility in many pharma and fine chemical reactions including Staudinger, Wittig, Morita-Baylis-Hillman, Michael addition, Mitsunobu, polyisocyanate monomer formation and disulfide reductions. In addition, tributylphosphine is also useful as a catalyst ligand and as an intermediate for the manufacture of a variety of phosphonium salts. It is a clear, colorless, pyrophoric liquid with a boiling point of 240°C.  

Features of CYTOP 340 include: 

  • High basicity/nucleophilicity: Serves as a strong reducing agent and nucleophile or highly basic ligand to improve reactivity
  • Water soluble phosphine oxide: By-products can be easily separated from products or reaction mixtures
  • Mobile liquid: The material is easily dispensed and manipulated 
  • Low vapor pressure: Material can be obtained in excellent purity and can be readily removed from product mixtures.

CYTOP 340 with its unique properties affords a number of valuable advantages for chemical processes. Cytec's standard package sizes for CYTOP 340 are 40 and 450 L returnable cylinders with smaller volumes available for research and pilot studies. For additional information about CYTOP 340 and other Cytec products please contact us.