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VAPORPH3OS® is a cylinderized source of pure phosphine designed for use with blending equipment. The blending equipment is capable of diluting the phosphine concentration to below its lower flammability limit for fumigation of post-harvest products or storage structures. This technology allows large and frequent use of fumigants via on-site blending with the surrounding air as a dilution gas. The resulting mixture of phosphine and air that is dispensed from the blending equipment – Horn Diluphos System® (HDS) – can be added directly to the fumigation space or existing recirculation systems.

The Horn Diluphos System, specifically designed and manufactured by Fosfoquim S.A, is an automated system that safely allows the direct dilution of pure phosphine with air. The phosphine-air mixture is injected into enclosed fumigation structures to reach specific concentrations of phosphine required to control infestations.

VAPORPH3OS allows the user to adjust and maintain phosphine concentrations very precisely during each fumigation. Overall this provides a cost-effective solution by allowing the fumigator to use the correct amount of fumigant to obtain an effective fumigation. Operators essentially "dial-in" the prescribed quantity of phosphine and can easily introduce additional fumigant if required. Proper dosing and monitoring are critical components of successful fumigations.