CYFLOC® TF-8000 & TF-9000 hydrate flocculants are anionic flocculants that offer superior performance in flocculating and settling alumina hydrate in the Bayer process hydrate classification circuit. It is dosed directly – no inversion or dilution is required.

Targeted applications include:

  • Tertiary Classifiers (Trays)
  • Secondary Classifiers
  • Primary Classifiers
  • Hydrate Storage Tanks (Hytanks)


Features Benefits
Increase hydrate settling rate Improved control over classification circuit
Increases vessel throughput
Reduces number of tanks in service
Lowers hydrate slurry viscosity in underflow Longer vessel life
Lower tertiary rake load
Improves hydrate pumpability, eliminates underflow injection
Eliminates underflow injection Higher starting A/C ratio
Reduces solids in settler overflow Improves classification, productivity and production
Not attacked by Bacteria like Dextran Longer shelf life
Settles hydrate in presence of solid oxalate, as well as settles solid oxalate Works when Dextran fails
Improves oxalate recovery when seed washing is practiced