AEROPHINE® 3418A promoter

AEROPHINE 3418A promoter is a unique, phosphine-based collector originally developed for the flotation of copper and activated zinc minerals and now recognized for its' selective properties on complex, polymetallic and massive sulfide ores. AEROPHINE 3418A exhibits strength yet, selectivity against iron sulfides, non-activated sphalerite and penalty elements.  Other key properties include:

  • Low frothing characteristics, even on ores containing clay minerals
  • Fast flotation kinetics and stable grade-recovery
  • Good collection of coarse middling particles
  • Highly stable and resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation
  • Low environmental impact

AEROPHINE 3418A is typically used to selectively float certain precious and base metals in the presence of iron, arsenic and non-activated zinc minerals.  Flotation circuits operating at neutral to slightly alkaline pH, benefit from AEROPHINE from the reduced dosage or elimination of sodium cyanide for rejection of certain gangue sulfide minerals including As, Sb, Bi, and Fe.