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Series of reagents for solvent extraction of copper

Dewatering aid that improves liquid/solid separation in filtration processes

Dithiophosphate collectors which are more selective against iron sulfides in alkaline circuit than the corresponding xanthates

Sufficiently wide range of applicability to fulfill any sulfide ore flotation requirement

Manufactured based on phosphine chemistry (PH3), making them unique among sulfide mineral flotation reagents

Addresses health and environmental concerns brought on by fugitive dust

Products that are effective in increasing grade, recovery and throughput with corresponding lower modifier costs

Series of extractants to provide the industry with an effective method for separating nickel/cobalt molybdenum, rare earth and uranium

Suppress existing foam in Bayer liquors

Products to meet the industry's changing needs today and looking ahead to the future

Controlling or suppressing nucleation and controlling the rate of scale formation

Prevents the formation of sodalite scale in heat exchangers

Shown to offer improved performance characteristics in the flotation plants

MINCHEM and MINCHEM End-User Module (MEUM) programs are invaluable tools for simulating how complex SX circuits will perform

Mixed alcohols, heavy aldehydes, esters and polyglycol frothers which promote faster kinetics and selective flotation

Inhibits scale formation on heat exchangers and process piping in phosphoric acid production plant