The growing use of complex composite parts combined with the desire for structural integration requires aircraft manufacturers to look for ways to cost-effectively build the parts. Resin infusion offers the potential for weight and cost savings through lower part counts and elimination of many post-manufacturing processes; however, the number of high-performance, injectable resin systems suitable for primary structure applications are very limited. Cytec's PRISM® EP2400 resin infusion system solves these challenges.

PRISM EP2400 resin infusion system is a one-part toughened epoxy system delivering primary structure level performance without limiting reinforcement or processing type. With PRISM EP2400 resin, manufacturers no longer face trade-offs between performance and processing; they get resin infusion without compromise.

Reasons for Choosing PRISM EP2400 Resin Infusion System

  • High Mechanical Toughness: Meets aerospace performance requirements for primary structure applications
  • Low Injection Viscosity: Compatible with all major infusion processes and textile configurations enabling manufacturing flexibility and design/weight optimization
  • Low Cure Temperature: Suitable for out-of-autoclave processing lowering capital, tooling and manufacturing costs
  • Extended Pot Life: Enables manufacture of large complex integrated structures that reduce part count and save weight

PRISM EP2400 resin system's unique combination of properties gives customers the flexibility to design products with the highest performance and manufacture them at the lowest cost. Cytec also offers a full range of complementary products including binder coatings, low-resin-content films and tackifiers to improve textile layup and facilitate manufacturing. Additional information about the PRISM EP2400 resin system is available in our Selector Guide or Contact Us.