CYCOM® 5320-1

Out-of-autoclave (OOA) aircraft manufacturing supports larger part production and lowers processing cost; however, it requires resin systems with exceptional performance and processing characteristics. Cytec's CYCOM® 5320-1 OOA prepreg provides the right balance of performance and processing enabling manufacturers of aircraft primary structure to realize the benefits of vacuum-bag-only processing.

CYCOM 5320-1 is a toughened epoxy prepreg system specifically designed for OOA manufacturing. Its performance is equivalent to primary-structure-capable autoclaved prepregs while enabling lower processing costs and increased manufacturing flexibility. Because of its low temperature curing capability, it is also suitable for prototyping where low cost tooling or vacuum-bag-only curing is desired.

Reasons for Choosing CYCOM 5320-1 Out-of-Autoclave Prepreg

  • Good Balance of Toughness and Hot/Wet Properties: Enables manufacture of high-performance primary structure via cost-effective out-of-autoclave methods
  • Flexible Low Temperature Cure: Supports both prototyping and production curing via vacuum-bag-only processing lowering capital, tooling and manufacturing costs
  • Low Porosity: Produces autoclave-quality laminates without the cost and complexity of pressurized autoclave cure
  • Extended Room Temperature Out Time: Enables cure scheduling flexibility and manufacture of large complex integrated structures that reduce part count and save weight

CYCOM 5320-1 resin system's unique combination of properties gives customers the flexibility to design products with the highest performance and manufacture them at the lowest cost. Additional information about CYCOM 5320-1 is available in our Selector Guide or Contact Us.