BR® 252

As environmental, health and safety regulations become more stringent, aircraft manufacturers need new materials that comply with these regulations without sacrificing performance. Cytec's BR® 252 bonding primer provides regulatory compliance with exceptional bonding primer performance.

BR 252 bonding primer is a water-based formulation that meets OSHA and REACH emissions regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It provides mechanical properties equal to solvent-based primer systems. BR 252 bonding primer is compatible with most 121 – 177°C (250 – 350°F) curing adhesives and has wide application/processing latitude giving manufacturers a regulatory compliant primer option for all their metal bond applications.

Reasons for Choosing BR 252 Bonding Primer

  • Compliance: Easily meets current regulatory standards ensuring not only compliance but reduced disposal costs and safer working environments
  • Performance: Effective adhesion promoter and corrosion inhibitor allowing replacement of non-compliant primers without performance concern
  • Efficiency: High transfer efficiency allows use of less primer lowering material costs
  • Flexibility: Excellent film formation, wide curing window and long out time ease manufacturing and provide processing flexibility

BR 252 allows manufacturer to comply with new environmental regulations. Cytec's experienced technical service team can help you select the optimal bonding primer and application conditions for your specific needs. Additional information about BR 252 is available in our Selector Guide or Contact Us.