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Raising the performance standard, PRIFORM® improves the processability of resin infusion systems and increases the number of applications for aircraft and industrial composite parts. Historically, manufacturing primary structure composite parts through liquid resin infusion required the addition of the toughening agents to resin to assure performance standards are met. Cytec's PRIFORM offers a material system where the toughening agent is woven into the textile preform rather than incorporating the toughening agent into the resin. PRIFORM allows resin infusion use on many part applications and has performance comparable to the toughened prepreg systems successfully used on damage-resistant parts for many years. Designed for the toughener to dissolve into the low-viscosity resin matrix, PRIFORM provides toughening characteristics throughout the part.


  • Provides excellent structural performance
  • Requires fewer fasteners and assembly steps from light weight, damage-resistant parts
  • Offers superior flame, smoke and toxicity properties for interior applications
  • Lowers manufacturing/assembly costs significantly

From wing spars to helicopter blades and metal fittings, resin-infused components are a design option for more areas of an aircraft - with all the weight-saving and cost benefits that advanced composite materials offer. PRIFORM products are available to view through our Selector Guide. This database of products allows customers to search for products on end use application, material type and performance characteristics.