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High performance adhesives are used in a range of applications. After the adhesives are applied and cured, a permanent structural bond exists enabling it to withstand harsh environments and elevated temperatures. Cytec's FM® is a portfolio of structural film/foam adhesives designed to meet precise temperature, toughness, environmental and cure requirements with proven to performance in demanding environments.

FM adhesives are designed for metal-to-metal, composite-to-metal and composite-to-composite bonding across a variety of industries from the stringent requirements of aerospace manufacturers and a host of industrial applications from transportation and recreation to energy and defense. The FM adhesive product portfolio includes legacy Metlbond adhesives. These products:

  • Offer excellent handling properties – good tack and drape – with a minimum shop life of 30 days
  • Come as supported (woven glass, knit or mat carrier) or unsupported film at various weights and thicknesses
  • Provide excellent resistance to pre-bond and post-bond humidity
  • Deliver superior performance with various ranges Tg, high toughness and higher temperature shear properties

FM and Metlbond products are available to view through our Selector Guide. This database of products allows customers to search for products on end use application, material type and performance characteristics.