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CORFIL® potting compounds are designed for insert and edge filling of honeycomb structures. Some are also suitable for use as syntactic core splice adhesives. CORFIL products can be used in co-cure and co-bond applications. CORFIL potting compounds:

  • Support low viscosity formulations suitable for use with automated dispensing equipment and small-cell-sized honeycomb core
  • Reduce slump and resin separation from thixotropic formulations eliminating the need for molds or other containment devices during cure
  • Offer epoxy prepregs compatible with 250°F and 350°F curing, as well as formulations compatible with high-temperature BMI prepregs post-cured to 450°F.

Additional information on CORFIL potting compounds is available to view through our Selector Guide. This database allows customers to search for products on end use application, material type and performance characteristics.