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Bonding primers are designed to improve the adhesion of materials to a substrate while inhibiting degradation. In extreme-demand environments, a range of metal and composite parts are used to achieve high performance in the application. BR® bonding primers are proven to provide long-term durability for aerospace applications.

Cytec's primers provide maximum environmental resistance and bond line durability making them the industry standard for bonding primers. They are also highly effective in use as protective coatings outside bonded areas. The BR portfolio includes a broad range of solvent-based primers and a line of revolutionary water-based primers that perform comparable to solvent-based systems while containing fewer or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for safer application. BR:

  • Provides excellent film formation, a range of curing windows and out times to ease manufacturing and support processing flexibility
  • Integrates well with a wide variety of adhesive systems
  • Improves hydrolytic stability at the adhesive-to-metal interface
  • Protects prepared surfaces from further oxidation

BR products are available to view through our Selector Guide. This database of products allows customers to search for products on end use application, material type and performance characteristics.