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AEROSOL® surfactants have controlling properties, such as particle size, and influence the final performance of the latex itself

Solvay's docusate sodium products are pharmaceutical grade surfactants, manufactured to meet USA and EU pharmacopeias

COMPLEMIX® surfactant is specifically for food application and meets Goods Manufactured Products (cGMP) and is US FDA certified

AEROSOL® surfactants are important additives in oil field chemicals because of their unique ability to act as wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, solubilizers and foaming agents

AEROSOL® surfactants are excellent wetting agents and emulsifiers applied in agrochemical formulations

AEROSOL® technology solutions improve production process efficiency and the performance of the finished product in plastic and emulsion plastics such as ABS and PVC

Over the last 75 years, Solvay has developed its family of AEROSOL®, CYLINK® and CYFLOC® specialty products for the paint industry

AEROSOL® surfactants are used in the latex binders for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), others forms of adhesives and in their ultimate formulation to improve wettability

PTZ® is a stabilizer for acrylic acid and acrylates that inhibits the polymerization of monomers during the manufacturing process, storage and distribution.

AEROSOL® surfactants are used in both paper seizing and paper coating applications

Solvay's specialty additives are used in a wide range of applications across the building and construction industry, such as architectural coatings, glass fiber matting, tile adhesive and grout

AEROSOL® surfactants are used in the latex binder and as additives to improve surface properties such as wettability