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Premier Leader in Sulfosuccinate and Specialty Surfactants

Solvay Specialty Additives offers a diverse range of sulfosuccinate surfactants, cGMP surfactants and other specialty products. We aim to offer customers solutions to their problems through high quality products that offer efficient and cost effective results. We understand the needs and technical challenges of the market, and our product expertise enables us to offer our customers advice and recommendations on how to use our additives in order to achieve optimum end products.

For over 75 years Solvay has manufactured sulfosuccinate surfactants, offering a range of products with a global presence but having a regional focus. Our products are manufactured to the highest standard offering superior quality and reliability. The AEROSOL® brand is well known in the industrial markets we serve and is regarded as an industry standard for wetting agents. Within the product range we also offer excellent emulsifiers, dispersants and solubilizers.  Solvay is also the largest global supplier of Docusate a pharmaceutical grade surfactant, as well as COMPLEMIX® its food grade equivalent. 

Specialty Additives also are a major global supplier of Phenothiazine. PTZ® is the primary stabilizer used in the production and storage of acrylic acid, acrylic ester and methacrylate monomers. PTZ inhibits the polymerization of these monomers during their manufacture and protects them during storage and shipment. Other uses include a short-stopping agent for monomer storage tanks, a stabilizer for chloroprene monomer and neoprene polymer and an antioxidant for polyether, polyols, unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester resins, synthetic lubricants and oils.


Docusate Sodium – A Pharmaceutical Grade Excipient

Docusate sodium is a pharmaceutical grade surfactant, making it an efficient emulsifier, wetting, dispersing and solubilizing agent. Docusate sodium is offered as a 100% waxy material and an 85% active combined with NF grade sodium benzoate.