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Advanced Solutions For Plastics To Meet Tomorrow's Needs Today

Solvay has over 60 years of experience in the UV stabilization of polymers, and our innovative additive technologies have helped the plastics industry grow. We focus on understanding the needs of individual customers and markets to continuously develop innovative UV-stabilizer solutions that address specific market and application needs. Our products serve a critical role in effectively enhancing physical properties and in preventing color fade, surface crazing and gloss loss in plastic and coatings. Our global technical support team partners with customers to understand specific application requirements and identify solutions that will help polymers last longer and perform better.

Solvay Polymer Additives offers a range of technically superior products that enhance the performance of agricultural film, automotive interior and exterior, rotomolded parts, membranes, building & construction parts, performance fibers, coatings, electronic components and a variety of other plastic applications. This product collection includes:

 CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® stabilizers are the most recently developed UV-stabilizer product family designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of specific plastics and coating applications, using Solvay's innovative technologies and in-depth market expertise.

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Solvay's innovative additive technologies have helped the plastics industry grow. It has championed innovation by investing in resources to understand the customers' needs and taking the necessary risks to develop unique solutions. Many of our products are covered by one or more patents within Solvay's patent portfolio.

Advanced Stabilization Technology to Meet Demanding Construction Requirements

CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B877 stabilizer delivers long term weathering resistance, color, gloss and surface protection and physical properties retention.  B877 confers outstanding UV protection to PP and TPO on extended outdoor exposure.